Saturday Night Serie A Question (Answer)

Juventus to crush Udinese

Sampdoria 🆚 Torino

Sampdoria have lost four games. Serie A House
Lazio and Cagliari have not won in three consecutive home games

Lose Venice was drawn. 1 match in the last 7 matches
Only 4 points away from the relegation zone.
Torino beat Fiorentina 4-0
It is very effective. But Torino’s home and away
The result is as different as rain and soil. Home after Internet

The best, but the worst away team this season
It is happening. Six of the last seven away matches have been played
They lost and scored only two goals in attack. Sampdoria
Even at the stadium, Torino had to return the plate
It is unlikely to win. Need points?

Even if Sampdoria can’t win, they will die.

Choice: Sampdoria

Salanita 🆚 Lazio

Salanita won again at Verona Stadium. This season
It was the third victory and the bottom of the table
A little hope of victory shines. But
The relegation zone still needs 6 points to escape

There is no choice but to open every remaining match
No Lazio have won without stability. သ ရေ၊
There is a loss. In the last five games, Venice
They beat Ya and Genoa, but lost to Empoli. With the Internet
I lost to Sessuolo. Lazio attack Inter

Best after AC Milan and Atlanta
The defense has the most assists in the top 10.
Lazio body price rose from 1-25 to 1-85
So, there is a lot of goalless draw and Salanita is about 1 goal
You should choose along with the goal because you can get it.

Choice: On Lazio / Goal

Juventus 🆚 Udinese

Juventus rope to wake up as soon as possible from Italian Super Cup defeat
I will eat Juventus are unbeaten in seven consecutive games in Serie A.
(5 wins, 2 draws) and 4 goalless draws.
At home, Juventus want to beat Udinese
They have won 10 of their last 11 matches in all competitions

There were 7 matches. Udinese are not bad, though
Pippa Atlanta, the team that suffered the most harassment from Kovis
He conceded half a dozen goals. To this day in Udinese
Nine Kovis are still infected and who are they?
I do not know. It’s a very good home tradition

Udinese is in disarray because of Kovis
Van Persie will be able to win without conceding a goal.

Choice: Juventus