Paul Marson predicts United will lose

This week we will play 22 Premier League games. Well-known football commentator Paul Marson commented:

Aston Villa Vs United
United are in a state of turmoil at the moment. They know they have won a few games under Rafranis, but their form has been poor. So I don’t think we can beat Aston Villa in the Premier League this week.
Villa are 14th, but United can not win. A good team can always beat a team made up of individual players. United are currently a team with individual players.
In their last two away league games, they beat Ronaldo on a late penalty and Norwich to draw with Newcastle. Looking at the FA Cup, Villa were the better team to lose. So United can lose this time too.

It’s unbelievable for United to be in the top four.
United did not get better without Ronaldo in the FA Cup.

But United have not created many chances and need Cristiano Ronaldo to end the scoring.

Palmerson predicts Aston Villa 3-1 United.

– Manchester City Vs Chelsea
If Chelsea do not win this match, they will be excluded from the Premier League.
Guardiola’s side beat Chelsea 1-0 at Stanford Bridge. It shows how good City have been this season and I think we can have another win this week.

According to Palmerson, Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea.

Liverpool Vs Brantford

Mossala and Mane will miss the Africa Cup of Nations, but Brentford will have a long way to go before they can compete with Liverpool. So we expect the home team to win comfortably.

Liverpool 3-0 Brantford

– Spurs Vs Arsenal

Arsenal can win this game They are a better team now than Spurs and the absence of Sun Hongmin could be a big problem for Conte.

Palmerson’s prediction is 1-2 Arsenal.
For other matches, Palmerson predicts:

Brighton 2-2 Crystal Palace

Norwich City 2-1 Everton
Wolves 2-1 Southampton

Newcastle United 1-1 Watford
West Ham 3-1 Leeds United