Cotinho, who broke Liverpool’s record in the 14th minute of his Villa career

The match between Aston Villa and United in the Premier League, shortly after the FA Cup third-round defeat to Old Trafford, was a spectacular affair, with Cote d’Ivoire coming on a two-goal lead.

Villa put United under pressure at Villa Peck and played the whole game, but the Red Devils were the goal-scorers until Cotinho came in.

When Ronaldo was ruled out due to injury, Cavani was named in the squad, along with youngster Elanga. The only goal for United was scored by Bruno Fernandez, who was 2-0 up in the 70th minute, but was turned down when new Villa signing Coutinho arrived.

Cotenho came on as a substitute in the Premier League opener and reversed the result within nine minutes. He also created a goal for Ramsey and scored a goal for Villa to regain a valuable point.

According to Opta, Cotenho did not score or score 480 minutes in all seven Premier League appearances during his time with Liverpool in the first leg of his Premier League clash with Liverpool.

The 20-year-old Ramsey became the second youngest Villa player to score for United after 20 years and 232 days, behind Abon Lahore’s record of 92 years in January 2007.

Bruno Fernandez has scored 33 goals and created 22 assists in 70 Premier League appearances for United, including 55 goals.
Liverpool’s Mossala has scored just 63 goals, more than any other Portuguese star in the Premier League since his debut in England in February 2020.